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Focus on Interpack: Solve Food Waste

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Summary:If you are going to interpack, you can also be part of the AIPIA and ITENE team that creates an effective roadmap to fig

If you are going to interpack, you can also be part of the AIPIA and ITENE team that creates an effective roadmap to fight food waste at all stages in the supply chain.

APIA and Spanish research centre, ITENE's, presentation in the Congress Centre at interpack is free of charge. You just need to register. The two bodies will gather the main industry players and invite attendees to participate in a roadmap session. The idea of the work session is to identify the challenges and the demands for new solutions to ensure the implementation of active and smart packages. It will consist of initial 'scene setting' presentations and then delegates will split into groups to discuss and prioritize the various challenges and the technologies available to fight waste. At the end, the findings of each group will be presented and a list of priorities created.

Interpack coincides with ITENE's twentieth anniversary. The technological centre was founded in May 1994 as a non-profit facility providing scientific research and technological advancement for all business, and promoting sustainability in packaging, logistics, transportation and mobility.

ITENE will also be both a speaker and facilitator at Innovationparc and the Save Food world conference at interpack. It will present innovations to avoid the world waste food such as materials and active packaging that extend the useful shelf-life of products and labels that warn against the fresh foodstuff deterioration.

These include:

1. New developments to improve the qualities of polymeric packages materials, either conventional or biodegradables, by using nano-scale reinforcements as clays or natural fibers at nano-scale.

2. A package for red meat which allows to extend its useful shelf-life up to 14 days, twice longer than a regular one.

3. Its latest developments in colour freshness indicators for fresh chicken, which gives copnsumers imformation about product deterioration consumer about the product deterioration in a more reliable way than the date of expiry.

4. Its transport simulation centre, which includes a vibration table with climatic chamber and pitch and roll, dro and cushion tester, impact machine and automatic stretch wrapper and is able to simulate every distribution environment.

ITENE will be a speaker, too, in the conferences programme organised by European Bioplastics in its stand in Hall 9, Booth 9F05. Here it will introduce its nano-reinforced technology for biodegradable or conventional packaging materials, that provides higher protection and durability of packaging for perishable products - fresh foods or cosmetics - throughout the entire distribution cycle.

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