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Agilent Acquires Gradient Design Automation's Electrothermal Analysis Technology

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Summary:Agilent Technologies Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA has acquired electrothermal analysis technology from Gradient Design Au

Agilent Technologies Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA has acquired electrothermal analysis technology from Gradient Design Automation Inc of Palo Alto, CA, which provides HeatWave electrothermal analysis software (used to identify hazards and improve performance in integrated circuits subject to temperature variations during operation).

Agilent EEsof EDA (which supplies electronic design automation software for microwave, RF, high-frequency, high-speed digital, RF system, electronic system level, circuit, 3D electromagnetic, physical design and device-modeling applications) now has sole ownership of Gradient's core technology and will serve customers of both Agilent's integrated Advanced Design System software solution and Gradient's HeatWave solution.

The electrothermal analysis technology allows designers to identify and correct thermal problems during integrated circuit development.

"Thermal management is one of the toughest challenges facing modern IC designers," says Agilent EEsof EDA's general manager Todd Cutler. "That's why our integrated ADS electrothermal solution was so well received by customers following its introduction and has already been adopted by several major RFIC/MMIC vendors." The latest announcement "further reinforces our commitment to continue working to solve this difficult challenge," he adds.

The acquisition stems from a cooperative agreement between Agilent and Gradient that began in 2012, when a version of Gradient's technology was integrated into the ADS software as part of a comprehensive multi-technology solution for RFIC and MMIC development. In 2013, Agilent announced an expanded business relationship with Gradient that included increased financial commitment on Agilent's part in exchange for increased access to Gradient's electrothermal analysis technology.

"The growth of Gradient's business is proof that the unique software technology we created is highly effective at solving an important industry problem," says Gradient's president Ed Cheng. "Agilent, an established market leader in the EDA industry, will now carry the technology forward and work to further expand its market reach."

Agilent's newly acquired electrothermal analysis technology will be demonstrated, along with 20 of the company's newest design and measurement solutions, in booth 1133 at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2014) in Tampa, FL, USA (1-6 June). Agilent partners, co-located around the Agilent booth, will demonstrate solutions for modeling and device characterization; semiconductor foundries; IC, wafer, and PCB design, test, and prototyping; antenna measurement systems and test chambers; and custom systems. In addition, on 3 June (10:05-10:45am) Dr Robert Shimon, an R&D manager in Agilent's High Frequency Technology Center, will provide his insights on 'How Digital Markets are Driving Microwave Technology' at the MicroApps Theater.

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