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Miele Handles Express Personal Style

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Summary:Uncompromisingly discerning but never out-of-the-box: If customisation and personal identity is high on your agenda, Pur

Miele Handles Express Perso<em></em>nal Style

Uncompromisingly discerning but never out-of-the-box: If customisation and personal identity is high on your agenda, PureLine built-in appliances from Miele are likely to be just the job for you! Now Miele is offering Miele Signature – newly designed appliance handles which exude value and elegance. The limited-edition Heritage handle, for example, involves the use of oak timber from original Miele tub washers which can be up to 100 years old.

Classic, Gold, Vitro, Nature and Heritage – these are the new handle versions from which Miele customers can selec to create their own inimitable kitchen style. 'Classic' presents handles in Brilliant White, Obsidian Black and Havana Brown. Most extravagant of all is the design of the 'Gold' version. 'Vitro', for its part, stands for an elegant and intricate design and consists of a metal handle with a glass insert in the same colour as the machine. And 'Nature', as the term implies, makes use of enhanced natural materials: slate inserts for the handles on machines in Obsidian Black, wengé to go with Havana Brown and, last but not least, wood with a weathered appearance for machines in Brilliant White.

Taking this concept even further, Miele offers project developers the option of bespoke customisation: In a project equipped entirely with Miele appliances, it is possible for example to have the city's skyline engraved into the gold-plated handles. The limited-edition Heritage series has also been reserved exclusively for this clientele. In this case, old oak timber from genuine Miele wooden-tub washers is reconditioned and used as handle inserts. As the company only produced wooden tub washers between 1901 and the Sixties, these handles are one-of-a-kind historical reminders of yesteryear which live on in today's high-tech domestic appliances, bringing together the Traditional and the Modern in what is perhaps the most beautiful of ways.

'More and more customers are in the market not just for technically sophisticated and attractive appliances but for products which express their Identity in a unique way', says Gernot Trettenbrein, Director of the Domestic Appliances International division with the German appliance manufacturer. The new handle collection – Miele Signature – adds another attractive facet to an already becoming range. These designer handles are also available as accessories for use on ovens, steam ovens, microwave ovens and warmer drawers from the Generation 6000 range of built-in products. This retrofitting option only applies to models from the PureLine design line. One key feature of PureLine is the high proportion of glass in the frontage which gives a sense of lightness to this range. PureLine kitchen appliances blend in seamlessly with both modern and contemporary styles of interior architecture, without being in the least obtrusive.

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