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Brief Introduction
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PHG-206 Water treatment PH Meter ( Moister analysis) 
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2015-05-07 08:10
Product Details

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Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Brand Name: BOQU Model Number: PHG-206
Weight:: l.0kg

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: pp bag, paper box. sponge, seaworthy box.
Delivery Detail: 15 days


PHG-206 Water treatment PH Meter ( Moister analysis)
1.High reliability
2.Strong resistance to interference
3.Easy operation

  Product Description


  PHG-206 Water treatment PH Meter ( Moister analysis)

  PHG-206 Water treatment PH Meter ( Moister analysis) is one of the intelligent on-line water analyzers of the PH series developed by out company. With strong environmental adaptability, clear display, easy operation and excellent measuring performance, the PHG-206 intelligent On-line PH Meter has very high performance-price ratio. It can be widely used for measuring the PH and temperature values of the solutions used in the following industries: thermal power plants, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmacy manufacturing, biochemistry, food and running water etc.



Features :

Intelligent: This intelligent online PH meter adopts high-accuracy AD conversion and single chip microcomputer

processing technologies and can be used for measuring the PH values and temperature. This meter has many

functions such as automatic temperature compensation.

Strong interference immunity: It adopts the latest components and high-impedance input of l012Ω. Its current

output adopts optoelectronic isolating technology. This meter has strong interference immunity and the capacity

of long-distance transmission as well as excellent electromagnetic compatibility.

High protection grade: It adopts waterproof and dust-proof design and is applicable for outdoor use. (With a

protection grade of IP65)

25°C Conversion: For pure water and ultrapure water added with ammonia, the PH value measured at a temperature other than 25°C is converted to that at 25°C, which is regarded as the reference temperature;

thus, this PH meter always displays the PH values at 25°C. Therefore, this meter is especially suitable for testing

the various water solutions in power plants.

Multi-parameter display: The PH and temperature values can be displayed on the screen at the same time. It

adopts LED display module with high brightness. The main display can show the pH values with red 10 x 10mm

Nixie tubes. As red display is eye-catching, the displayed values can be seen from a long distance away.

Communication interface: It can be easily connected to a computer to perform monitoring and communication.


Technical Indexes :

1. Measuring range: PH value: 0~14.00pH; division value: 0.01pH

                                Temperature: 0~80°C; division value: 0.1°C

                                Electric potential value: ±1999mV; division value: 0.1mV

2. Accuracy: pH value: ±0.05pH; temperature: ±0.5°C(0~60.0°C)

3. The automatic temperature compensation range: 0~99.9°C, with 25°C as the reference temperature.

4. Water sample tested: 0~99.9°C, 0.6MPa

5. Repeatability error of the electronic unit: ±0.02PH

6. Error of the automatic temperature compensation of the electronic units: ±0.03pH

7. Stability: ±0.02pH/24h

8. Input impedance: ≥1012Ω

9. Isolated current output: 4~20mA(load <750Ω)

10. Output current error: ≤±l%FS

11. High and low alarm relays: AC 220V, 3A

12. Communication interface: RS485 or 232 (optional)

13. Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50±1Hz; DC24V (optional)

14. Protection grade: IP65

15. Overall dimension: 146 (length) x 146 (width) x 108 (depth) mm;

      dimension of the hole: 138 x 138mm

16. Weight: l.0kg (secondary meter)

17. Working conditions: ambient temperature: 0~60°C; relative humidity <85%

18. The connection tubes for inlet and outlet water: Pipes and hoses should be of the following three sizes: Φ8,

Φ10 and Φl2.

19. It can be equipped with a 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 electrode.










PHG-206 Water treatment PH Meter ( Moister analysis)














PHG-206 Water treatment PH Meter ( Moister analysis)










PHG-206 Water treatment PH Meter ( Moister analysis)










           PHG-206 Water treatment PH Meter ( Moister analysis)








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