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Shanghai Xinglun Rope Cable Co., Ltd.

Custom and Cheap PP/polypropyplene rope,polyester rope,dyneema rope,nylon rope,fiber rope Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Company Profile
Shanghai Xinglun Rope Cable Co., Ltd. is a competitive enterprise engaged in the design, production and sale of mooring ropes. Depending on the up-to-date management system, advanced production facilities and considerate after-sales services, we can provide customers with not only satisfactory products.

Want to buy rope?Xinglun Rope Cable Co.,Ltd can supply you all kinds of rope including:3/8/16/double braided anchor rope,anchor line,dock line,fender line,mooring rope,mooring hawser,tow line,towing line,towing rope,tow line,PP/PE/PET/nylon mooring/towing rope,braided/twisted polypropylene/polyethylene/polyester/polyamide mooring rope/anchor rope,synthetic winch line,winch line,climbing rope,dynamic rope,static rope,tent rope,clothesline,manila rope,sisal rope,natural fiber rope,plastic rope,yacht rope,sailing rope,rescue rope,safety rope,water rescue rope,industrial rope,aramid fiber rope,karat/atlas/euroflex mooring rope,car/truck towing rope,bounge rope,hollow braided rope,fishin... [Details]
Company: Shanghai Xinglun Rope Cable Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 2301, Unit 2,#2,Jindu living area,Changjiangzhonglu,Huangdao,Qingdao,China
Postcode: 266555
Telephone: 86-532-18254263577
Fax: 86-532-86940262
Contact P: Henry Lee (Miss.)
Mobile: 18254263577